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Dante Filter

Valve : HOT (28 Splines) Valve : HOT (28 Splines)
Model: 133.0438.154H
(Alternative codes: F1427R, 3561R, 3547R, 2552R, S1023)Compatible with the following products:AlbaAtessa FilterBaselDante Dante ProDante Pull OutDante SpiralDante TriPureDavos JDavos LEigerEiger U SpoutFilterflow DoricFilterflow KubusFilterflow OlympusGlorianaKrios J SpoutKrios L SpoutLarino Fi..
Ex Tax:£18.97
Model: 133.0068.761
(Alternative Code: F1263R) 22mm female thread"..
Ex Tax:£6.93
Model: 133.0068.762
(Alternative Code: F1263R) 22mm female thread..
Ex Tax:£6.93
Copper Tail Pipes
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