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A charcoal Filter is required when fitting your hood in re-circulatory mode (i.e. not ducted out of an outside wall).

Please use the chart below to identify the correct filter for your Franke hood

Active Carbon Filter
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Model: 112.0016.756
Compatible with: CrystalTaleTubeT-Glass NiceT-Glass RayT-Glass LinearT-Glass Curved HoodsDecorative FlatAxisLuminaireMaris TMaris Pull OutMythos..
Ex Tax:£21.75
Model: 112.0016.755
Compatible with:Maris 2.0Trendline PlusEvo PlusSmart DecoMaris Ceiling Built-InMaris Flat CeilingBox Plus FlushDecorativeQuadraActiveSwingSinosGalaxyBox Plus Panel Hoods..
Ex Tax:£21.75
Model: 112.0547.940
Compatible with:Cloud Hood..
Ex Tax:£269.60
Model: 112.0548.447
Compatible With:Mythos 2gether Plinth Kit 6cm..
Ex Tax:£142.84
Model: 112.0548.448
Compatible With:Mythos 2gether Plinth Kit 10cm..
Ex Tax:£183.53
Model: 112.0262.703
Compatible With:Downdraft Hood..
Ex Tax:£194.88
Model: 112.0339.360
Compatible with:Mythos Flat Ceiling HoodFCFL..
Ex Tax:£89.87
Model: 112.0470.631
Compatible With:Mythos Built-In Hood..
Ex Tax:£41.62
Model: 112.0512.466
Compatible with: Maris Free, Impress Hoods...
Ex Tax:£24.60
Model: 112.0542.064
Compatible With:Atmos Hood..
Ex Tax:£46.35
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