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COG 651 : Calypso - Before 2012

Fragranite (White / Oatmeal / Champagne / Graphite / Green) 1½ Bowl / Single Drainer

Product Information:
Model: 133.0019.442
Replacement Seal133.0440.361 - Basket Strainer Plug Seal..
Ex Tax:£16.08
Model: 133.0440.361
Suitable For133.0019.442  - Basket Strainer Plug..
Ex Tax:£7.41
Model: 112.0050.428
To make your choice easier, we've devised affordable Accessory Packs, with a selection of accessories which integrate seamlessly with your sink to transform it into the workhorse of your kitchen. Compatible with the following products: Franke - COG 651 : CalypsoFranke - COQ 651 : Calypso..
Ex Tax:£46.56
Model: 112.0008.448
The Drainer Basket is indispensable to hygienically dry your crockery and utensils. Designed to sit firmly on your drainer to balance your dishes firmly and securely so you air dry with confidence. Compatible with the following products: Franke - CPX 610 : CompactFranke - CPX P 611 780 : C..
Ex Tax:£77.54
Model: 112.0040.691
This Strainer Bowl neatly fits into the half bowl of your sink, siting firmly on the bowl rim. Perfect for straining vegetables, draining cutlery or defrosting food. Compatible with the following products: Franke - NEX 251 : NeptuneFranke - COG 651 : Calypso..
Ex Tax:£55.40
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