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Sending Emails & Photos

We are pleased to receive your enquiries, but before sending us an email, you may find it more quick and efficient to find the answer to your query on our website.

If you know the name of your sink or tap – or the three letter product designator code (for example MTX, LAX, PBG etc) – this can be entered in the search criteria box that you will find at the top of the homepage screen. Simply enter the name or the three letter code and then on the results page, click on the photo of your product which will take you straight to the dedicated web page.

If you don't know the name of your product, follow the links on the homepage for sinks or taps. There is a photo of every sink and tap produced by Franke for the UK market over the last 30 years, so you should easily find an identification photo of your product.

If you are struggling to identify your product this way, you can use our contact us page and upload a picture of your sink or tap and we will happily identify it for you. If you need to send multiple images, please compress them to one zip file first. You can do this easily in Windows by selecting all the images while holding down the CTRL key, then right clicking on one of the images and selecting 'Send to Compressed (zip) folder'. This will make the zip file that you need to upload.

It is worth mentioning that our website does not contain any information on the Franke Triflow water filter taps, neither does it cover the hot water taps known as Little Butler, Minerva or Omni, Waste Disposal Units, Cooker hoods (with the exception of Charcoal Filters) or Appliances such as Ovens and Hobs.


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